About Us


TruStone Healing Crystals is a woman owned crystal shop that offers a natural complementary approach to spiritual, mental, and emotional healing.

We specialize in raw, cut, and tumbled stones, crystal healing jewelry, and energy cleansing accessories that are often used in crystal therapy, chakra balancing work, and keeping the energy around you positive.

We are passionate about inspiring others to use healing crystals and energy cleansing tools to facilitate the embrace of positive energy, receive protection from negative energy, develop a clear mindset, and optimize their will and desire to achieve their goals while on their spiritual journey.

Each month, on our blog, https://trustonehealingcrystals.com/blogs/news we feature an article that will give you insight about the wondrous benefits of healing crystals that aid in achieving the highest levels of unconditional love and self-love, restore calmness, and more.

A few years ago, I was feeling lost; like my life had no purpose and it seemed that things just never worked out for me, personally or professionally. I grew tired of that feeling and began my search for something to help me get my life back on track.  I wanted to be happy, healthy, successful, and joyful. I began exploring how crystals, crystal therapy, and energy cleansing could assist me in achieving my goals, and by using these healing tools, I am continually receiving the gift of clarity and my outlook on life has improved.

These days, carrying crystals in my purse, placing them beside my bed, and wearing healing crystal jewelry are a part of my daily life. I can truly tell the difference when I don’t have the necessary crystals close to me. For instance, when I am feeling anxious, I put a few Amethyst stones in my pocket and soon thereafter I begin to experience peace and calmness. 

When I realized that my fear of speaking in front of groups and even speaking up for myself was due to a blockage in my throat Chakra, I purchased a raw Blue Calcite crystal and began to carry it in my pocket daily.  I also spoke affirmations of me being great speaker and communicating with ease, and within a few weeks I experienced a transformation that resulted in me confidently speaking in front of others and speaking up for myself.

At TruStone, our goal is to make our shop the place you visit when you’re shopping for crystals, energy healing tools, and healing jewelry.

Browse our collections at https://trustonehealingcrystals.com and begin your healing journey today.