Transformation, Power, and Protection

 The Wondrous Healing Properties of Malachite



Crystals are a part of Mother Earth. They connect with all living things and interconnect with the energy fields around us.

This month, we are focusing on Malachite, the stunning green stone of protection, balance, abundance, manifestation, and intention. Malachite can be found in Zaire, South Africa, Romania, the Republic of the Congo, Russia, Australia, Chile, and the USA.

Malachite is a mineral that forms at shallow depths within the Earth, in the oxidizing zone above copper deposits. It often forms within limestone where a subsurface chemical environment favorable for the formation of carbonate minerals can occur.

The name Malachite derives from the Greek word Moloche meaning mallow, because the stone is the same color as the vibrant green leaves of   plant. Malachite is attractive to look at, with its swirling patterns and varying colors of green.

Malachite has a strong Spiritual healing vibration and stabilizing energy that helps you to feel more balanced emotionally and is beneficial for you to use to help overcome any obstacles in your path.

With its strong vibration within the heart chakra and the other chakras surrounding it, Malachite aids in the health of the heart, encourages loyalty, practicality, and peaceful harmonious relationships whether love, business, or friendship.

Malachite is an excellent healing crystal that is known to help lower high blood pressure and helps the health of the organs in the general area of the heart. It is also said to be helpful to assist with asthma and the health of the respiratory system.

Malachite is also a stone of insight that will aid you to develop your intuitive abilities.

This green crystal will help you gain the confidence to break through perceived limitations that have been holding you back from achieving the things you wish to have happen in your life.

This powerful protection crystal will pick up so much negative energy that it must be cleansed regularly.

Do not clean it with salt or salt water as this will damage it, but you can use one of the many other cleansing methods including smudging with sage, burying them in the earth overnight, putting the Malachite outside under a full moon, placing the Malachite on a cluster of clear quartz, and more.

The raw natural stone must be handled with care and should not be used on the body.

When your crystal is cleansed and ready to be used, you can set intentions for your stone. Take a few quiet minutes with your stone and set an intention for how you want it to support you so that you can start reaping its benefits!

*Note: Crystal healing is powerful and beneficial, however it is never meant to be substituted for seeking medical attention.

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